ScotianAires launch GoFundMe campaign for international competition

Flying high off their first place finishes at the Harmony Inc. Area 1 Convention and Contests in June, the ScotianAires – and their quartet, Tonic! -- are setting their sights on Providence, Rhode Island for the Harmony Inc. International Convention and Contests (IC&C) in November 2016.  They will be competing with choruses and quartets from across North America, and need financial support to help them get there.

With that in mind, the ScotianAires have launched a GoFundMe campaign in an effort to offset the chorus members’ travel costs, which are significantly higher as a result of the exchange rate between the U.S. and Canadian dollars.

GoFundMe is a website where people can make a secure online donation to a given project or cause. Unlike some other crowdfunding sites, GoFundMe is specifically NOT for charities. People use it for everything from supporting kids’ sports teams to raising money for a birthday party or wedding – just about anyone can use GoFundMe to raise funds for a project.  The ScotianAires are hoping to raise a total of $10,000 to help them get to Providence, and the proceeds will be divided equally among all the ScotianAires members who attend IC&C.

The site includes clear instructions on how to donate and information about how GoFundMe works When people donate, they have the choice of donating anonymously (there’s a box to click) or they can have their names publicized on the site.  Donors will receive a receipt that specifically mentions the ScotianAires and the site uses a secure pay system so that credit card information will be kept confidential.

Help support the ScotianAires and women’s barbershop singing! To make a donation, go to